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Wedding Brand & Website Launch | SHE Luxe Weddings

I’ve been waiting a while to share this one, and I am so excited! I wrapped up the Squarespace website design just a couple weeks ago, and it is just lovely. You may have seen a few posts back I shared the mood board for this lovely little brand. It was luxurious and feminine, all dipped in gold.
SHE Luxe Weddings | Branding and Squarespace Web Design by Rorymade

It was a pleasure working with Heidi, the owner of SHE Luxe Weddings. She and I clicked from our first Meet & Greet, all the way through the branding and website design. She was looking to expand her already successful wedding planning business to cater to her higher end clientele. She needed a brand that matched the amazing and beautiful weddings her and her team planned in Cape Cod, Boston and Maine.


Working through Heidi’s questionnaire to pull out her brand keywords, along with an amazing selection of inspiration from her Pinterest board, I pulled together her mood board, and we got to work on the main elements. Pairing strong bold fonts with a softer colour palette and floral elements gave the logo design and complimentary marks the strong, elegant look we were going for.

I’m so excited to show off this beautiful new brand. Be sure to check out the website too!

Luxury Wedding Design, Branding and Squarespace Website Design
Luxury Wedding Design, Branding and Squarespace Website Design
The Squarespace website design showcases SHE Luxe Wedding’s gorgeous style and experience, and truly speaks to the business tagline, Refined Style . Modern Elegance.
SHE Luxe Squarespace Website Design by Rorymade
SHE Luxe Squarespace Website Design by Rorymade


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