Road Trippin’ in the Painted Hills

You know those mornings where you just can’t get up, like literally? Everything hurts. You’re stiff and sore and just plain tired. That’s me today. I spent the last few days van camping, or vamping as I’ve coined it. It’s Oregon, and it’s cold outside, but nature calls. So Sam and I tried something new, and it was amazing! We went to the Ochoco National Forest and the Painted Hills. We did a ton of hiking and exploring, hence the soreness. It was so beautiful, I mean look at these colours! That’s not Photoshop people.



Sam recently caved to a social media outlet, Instagram. You know how much I love my Instagram. I’m super happy, because before it was always just me taking the shots. But now I have a second photographer, and really feel like we’re documenting our precious time better. One thing I asked him to do was take some pictures of me. I don’t have a ton, and while the photo I have had on my site is very pretty, I don’t feel that it represents me 100%.

I’m a nature girl. A tree-hugging, organic eating, messy haired, modern hippy. I don’t like to wear shoes, my hair is 99.9% of the time in a bun on top of my head with hair sticking out in all directions. You’ll rarely see me wearing makeup, and I put a dress once a year for my anniversary. So a dolled up head shot of me isn’t a true representation of what I put out there on a daily basis. I’m a jeans (or yoga pants) and a t-shirt kind of girl. I wear flannel and a messy bun, so this is me being real. I love design, I love pretty things, I just don’t want to spend an hour getting ready in the morning.

This is me out in my natural environment.



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