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It’s Friday, yea! Wow, is it just me or is this month whizzing by? It’s also #followfriday. I’ve decided make a theme today based on my current mood. And the winner is: HEALTH! Yup, because I’m in need of some inspiration!

This week the Craft Brewers Association is in town for the Brewers Conference. Portland is the beer capital of the world, and I’m told 50% of alcohol consumption here in PDX is craft beer. Wow! I’m shocked, but not surprised.

Sam and I have had a grand old time meeting new people in the industry and tasting many fine new brews. This morning though it caught up with me. No hangovers thank you, but I did wake up with some nasty allergies. Runny nose, itchy eyes and skin, and just an overall puffy feeling. Yuck!

So when I feel blah, I immediately take to google to find out what my issue is, and the best plan of action to remedy it. I know I had a healthy meal last night, so it had to be the beer. Lo and behold I discover that hoppy beers, as in my favourite IPAs, have histamines in them. And some malt beers give off the same reaction as pollen. I’m bummed. Does this mean I have to say goodbye to beer? Probably not, just need to be more conscientious of which ones I consume.

So here is the roundup of my favourite health + fitness inspiring IG accounts. Some bad-ass chicks and alternative health from the inside-out and outside -in.

01. Neghar Fonooni is my fave meathead yogi. She gives me pride in my thick thighs, and the best kettlebell workouts.   |   02. Samy Mattos shows that you can do fitness anywhere, anytime. I love watching her videos of he unique movement and flows.   |   03. Healthful Pursuit is by Leanne Vogel. She got me on the nutritional path of high-fat eating and my beloved blended coffee. Plus she has mad personality to boot!   |   04. I just recently found alexraye through her blog, almostexactly.com. She has a ton of resources for natural, DIY beauty.

So there you go, what are your favorite IG accounts in the health and fitness categories?

I would love to hear your questions or comments below!

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