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Good morning! Boy, do I have a huge day ahead of me. Two Skype calls, logo design and a bunch of other stuff that I’m not quite ready to share yet, but stay tuned. So, since I have such a busy day planned, I thought I’d just hop on here real quick before meeting #1 and give you a little design preview of the project I’m currently working on. It’s a brand refresh for a 100% natural beauty product line, specifically hair and body. The business realized that when they started out they didn’t take advantage of all of the branding elements they should have, and are now looking to create a more cohesive brand and new packaging.


Mood Board for a Natural Hair Company | Organic Brand Design

market / bulbs / syrup / packaging / twine / eggs


I’m super excited about this mood board. It is so bright and fresh. It reminds me to going to the farmer’s market on a sunny spring morning. And that is the exact feeling we are going for. I am playing with a mix serif and sans-serif fonts to create a modern market look. I’m also going to incorporate some simple patterns that will mimic the textures of farm fresh eggs. Remember the products are 100% natural, so we really want to convey the feeling of fresh ingredients. And what better way than to bring in natural aesthetics? I can’t wait to share the final designs with you. What do you think so far?

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