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I’m so excited to announce this brand launch! Bethany Grace reached out to me about a logo, print and web design for her new business, Graceful Upcycling. Calling Portland home means we don’t just recycle, we reuse and re-purpose first and foremost. So I was delighted to work with Bethany when I heard about the materials she uses to make her fun and colourful products.

Bethany caught the entrepreneurial bug after noticing an abundance of waste with her recycling efforts. She decided to apply her love for innovation and creation, along with the opportunity to upcycle items that others thought of as being useless, into valued, handmade, eco-whimsy, one of a kind objects.


 01. RUSTY REELS   |   02. EGG UNLIMITED   |   03. BLACK LABEL BEER   |   04. THE PIXEL 500   |   05. DIY CORK CLOCKS

From the initial questionnaire process, Bethany described her products as bright, fun and unique. I could just see myself drinking a cold micro-brew at one of her garden parties. Cheerful, complimentary colours and fun typography started the logo process. Once finalized, I created a secondary logo to be primarily used for product stickers, and a thank you hang tag to be attached to each order.


Graceful Upcycling Branding Board // Creative Type A

The website design was a fun one. We decided to stay with a one-page scrolling site to keep a focus on the product photography. I incorporated the custom pattern background to add depth, and interest with parallax scrolling.

I’m so excited for Bethany, and look forward to seeing her success! Now who’s ready for a garden party?

I would love to hear your questions or comments below!

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