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Yeah, I’m so excited for this brand launch! Over the next few months I’ll be featuring more past work, but this one is fresh off the press.

Liz got in touch with me last March about rebranding her design firm into the new Design Lines. Right from the start, Liz was excited about the process and we worked together flawlessly. From her brand and style questionnaire, we chose key words like dependable, current, creative, and quality. She wanted the logo to be crisp and clean with bright, fun colours that pop to represent the new modern direction Design Lines was taking.

She got right to work on her Pinspiration homework, choosing fun colours and a mix of block sanserif and script fonts. Right when I was almost finished with the mood board, Liz threw me a curve ball with one more image that she wanted included in the style inspiration. Fortunately she is a great communicator, and I was able incorporate it in at the last minute.

Design Lines Inspiration Board | Identity by Creative Type A

We had one edit in the colour palette, but the overall direction with the mood board was a hit! That bottom left image was that last minute addition, and really steered the style moving forward. Once I received Liz’s approval, I started on the logo design concepts. Though the design package comes with three unique concepts, often times when I’m playing around with the layouts I come up with alternates that I can’t decide on. I’m learning to let go of some perfectionism, so I just included them in for Liz to decide.

Design Lines Concepts | Identity by Creative Type A

Liz was torn between #1,2 and 6. Ultimately #6 was the winner, as it had the personality she was going for. It’s always my goal to have minimal revisions because it means the client and I are in sync. So when I asked about revisions, Liz said she loved it just as it is. I finished the branding board, and jumped into the the collateral items, including the Facebook cover page and app buttons, letterhead, business cards and sticker for the inside of vendor books.

Design Lines Facebook Page | Identity and Design by Creative Type A

Design Lines Print Colleteral | Identity and Design by Creative Type A

Once we were all done with the brand and print package, Liz decided that she wanted to have me design her new website as well so we could keep the flow of creativity going. She was looking for a simple three page website that had their mission statement, vendors list and contact information. The simplicity of the website allowed me to get creative with the images and effects. Be sure to visit the website to see the mouseover effects in action.

Design Lines Web Pages | Creative Type A

Design work truly is a collaborative effort, and when I click with the client, it really shows in the work. I’m so very happy with the final brand and web design. I think we totally captured the fun personality of the Design Lines brand. Liz says she is getting great feedback from clients and colleagues alike, which just makes me smile.

I would love to hear your questions or comments below!

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