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I’ve been mixing things up quite a bit in my work, and there are so many things that will start to unfold soon. But first I’m excited to share my bathroom makeover and moodboard!

Recently, I’ve been every so impatiently planning on remodeling my bathroom. It’s been a long time coming, four years to be exact! But I have some flexibility in my schedule with the upcoming holidays, and I’ll be finishing my last client project here very soon.

Yay me! This makes two years in a row of not having client work during the holidays, that’s just rough!

So, for the bathroom. If you follow my on Instagram, you might have seen in my stories I pulled up my bathroom floor and started getting things prepped for the overhaul.

I’ll be replacing the tile, painting, and updating the vanity and all the fixtures. I will not be touching the tub tile, as I just don’t want to open up that can of worms, and it would be so over budget.


Black and White and sooooo good | Image: Jennifer Worts Design


I had a very clear vision when we moved in four years ago, black trim, white walls, vintage wood dresser converted to a vanity, and brass everything.

But with a limited timeline, I didn’t plan properly. The wood vanity I had envisioned just wasn’t coming together, and it threw me off. I started second guessing myself looking at other vanities, and then I fell into the Pinterest hole.

I forgot when I did my kitchen how hard it was to source my vision since I live in a small town. I could build a vanity, but I just don’t have time to invest in that. Plus I have a timeline for tile and plumbing this weekend. And everything I liked was either out of budget, or wouldn’t arrive until the end of the month.

So, I looked and looked, and after a lot of wasted time, I decided my original vision would still work, just with a different vanity colour.

Plus, the black and white combo really is the only palette that would work with the fleshy coloured tiles in the shower (really, flesh colour is the best comparison I can think of!)

Here’s the current moodboard…



sconce // hexagon tile // mirror // faucet // drawer pull // glass knob // turkish towels // vanity // rug


I plan on painting all of the trim a deep charcoal colour. We have a built in, bench and weird shower shelf that all get pretty gross and show every speck of dirt and grime. So black will definitely cover all of that. Walls will stay white, and since I’m only changing out the shower head, I’m going to keep all of the fixtures chrome (I know, sorry brass!)

Also have a weird medicine cabinet that I’m going to swap up the mirror with. And of course, I’ll add a pop of colour with the rug.

Here are some more inspo pictures I’ve been digging lately.


Anthropologie Hooks


McGee & Co.


Chris Loves Julia


Chris and Claude Co.


Real Houses of IG


So, what do you think of my bathroom makeover plans. Isn’t the moodboard just dreamy? Am I on the right track? Tell me below.

I would love to hear your questions or comments below!

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